Introducing Rev. Laura

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Here's what gets this gal up at the crack of dawn! Most of my free time when not with family and friend’s is focused on Project Lamb, a humanitarian mission that a remarkable friend and I formed to offer assurance to those in times of despair.



Hello everyone. Mila & I have been busy collecting and packing clothing, toys and bedding. We are working side by side with Dr. Roland Estrabillo to augment some of the desperate needs of so many in Ghana Africa. We've been able to ship approximately 75 boxes because of your grand efforts to ensure donations reached us on time. Blessings and gratitude are yours. Always, Laura


Project Lamb Update

Mila & I are thrilled to share that we have sent 45 boxes of clothing to Afghanistan. As well, because of such generous donations we were able to load three vans and have passed them along to Women Shelters in Ontario. Our most gracious thanks to those who have opened their hearts and closets to cloth those in need. We look forward to your continuing support in 2009. Reverently, Laura