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Here's what gets this gal up at the crack of dawn! Most of my free time when not with family and friend’s is focused on Project Lamb, a humanitarian mission that a remarkable friend and I formed to offer assurance to those in times of despair.


Global Wedding Rehearsals

Thrilled to be launching a new company namely Global Wedding Rehearsals that offers peace of mind to couples marrying.


CAWST Launches W. Brett Wilson Facebook Challenge

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CAWST provides technical training, consulting, and acts as a centre of expertise in water and sanitation for the poor in developing countries."



It’s just unyielding … this pervasive need to create. What we do with our ingenuity is one thing … then there’s usually the other - nothing. Now in the midst of this ‘nothing’ I can be found writing my own mystifying book engulfed in this very conundrum, discovering the antagonist who's harkened jubilation sounds something like ‘who are you kidding?’ So I gag this beckoning drone of doom reconciling the fact that indeed I am able to pull together some alphabets that actually form words that are notable!

Creativity, ah yes, I’ve got it; I just have to harness that toddler. So here is my formula; unbeknownst to my subconscious, I will dedicate 3 days a week for about 3 hours a day and write whatever comes to my mind, no holds bar. Starting in July, I will choose places which I consider reeking of creativity, such as an art galleries or museums, small towns, or wineries … did I say that? Then on the alternate days use my literal critical evaluative mind and massage the heck out of it. Which I suspect will be a ton of fun!

Writing draws me into a calm yet convoluted place of reason with out boundaries. It allows all aspects of me to come out to play without fear of mom chasing me with that dreaded wooden spoon. I find crevasses’ of untapped sorrow, opportunities for extraordinary delight engulfed by a sudden breath of being that literally could take my life away. Even though I find it hard to stay in that perceptible abyss I’m relentlessly drawn to it. I want to answer the call which is all ways present (now I understand the chateau) and yet I yearn for that aperture which I know exists, burdened by the harkened resistance to enter into it.

Here's the realization. Fortitude – I say not! Pick up a pen, open your notebook, hit a key or flick some ink onto paper is not heroism. Finding the way to handle daily dire straits such as starvation, rape, or homelessness is the epitome that calls upon courage. Writing harnesses the desire which inspires courageousness. It would seem to me that writing is a instrument for the soul to vicariously assist ourselves as well as others through the conundrum of life.

Writing fulfills an aspiration that is genetically predisposed just as eye colour is to the eye. The iris evident; creativity not always so. Some are just better at responsive than others - equitably understood. Regardless, the energetic motion exists in the formless manifesting at will. We’re programmed to evolve and our creativity is part of the program.

We’re inherently gifted, so let our innovativeness be for the betterment of wo/mankind, drawing soulfully in words, generating actions that are valiantly transmuted into prose. Halo!


90 years old and still making a difference!

Now an interesting story yet to be told begins with a woman named Gladys Morris. Gladys is 90 years old and full of fervor and zeal. It was a pleasure speaking with Gladys the other day as she indulged me with fascinating stories, particularly about the Tobermory Thrift shop - the reason I called.

Before I enlighten you with the details, let me tell you about Gladys. Gladys was born, raised and has to this day lived her entire life in Tobermory Ontario. Full of pride she affirms “I’m the granddaughter of the first white man that came to live in Tobermory.” Born into a family of pioneers, Gladys continues to lead the way. She married a Toronto man, boasts 4 children, is an associated RENS World War 2 Veteran, has been a community worker all her life, counsel member and welfare officer to name a few awe inspiring achievements that only skims her dossier. Especially for a woman of her era, critiquing her efforts and the contribution she’s made under scores the relevance of her determination and fortitude.

Gladys was an avid reader before she went blind. Her thirst for knowledge led her through numerous thrift shops rummaging around for the next book to peruse. Unbenounced to her, the Tobermory Thrift shop was already spiritually afoot. The United Settlement Church had been vacant for two years and Gladys thought how brilliant it would be to turn it into a Thrift Shop. “You’ll give everything away” laughed the Board of Stewards when Gladys presented her idea, but she persisted and along with Marion Dean prepared all the amazing donations for their grand opening. To their astonishment the Thrift Shop took in $300.00 the first day! Both Gladys and Marion camaraderie continued for many years each volunteering their time on respective days per week. Her giggle made me smile as she recalled how she and Marion, with every ounce of strength pulled a gargantuan bed with drawers into the store only to sell it hours later. “We had a lot of fun!” her voice smiled. Today the monies acquired through the Thrift Shop are disseminated for The United Church’s general expenses together with a benevolent fund. The salvation of everyone’s efforts is that the Thrift shops donates to those individuals in need and have many dedicated volunteers actively working to move these donations forward. “No one in need will ever be turned away” affirms Gladys, “even if someone couldn't afford to buy something, they would be encouraged to accept it as a gift.”

Now although legally blind Gladys continues to do all her own cooking and lives independently. For her 90th birthday she told family and friends that she didn’t want any gifts but asked if they would bring her a donation for the food bank - this would be the birthday present that would keep on giving. Well folks, you guessed it; Gladys's selfless request stocked an entire food bank!

Congratulations Gladys, your idea of some 20 years ago has blossomed in so many ways. Your compassionate effort carries on.

Gladys Morris is an extraordinary woman who still makes a difference!


Thrift Shop Donates to Women’s Shelter

There are always heart filled people who share a common spirit, concern and commitment to making the world a nicer place and that’s the volunteers at the Tobermory Thrift Shop. The Tobermory Thrift Shop made an enormous donation of 50 large green garbage bags to the Women’s Shelter in Kleinburg. Volunteers at the thrift shop worked hard at packing donations and thanks to Roger, the man who coordinated the undertaking Project Lamb was able to deliver the donations that were chock-full of women’s and children’s clothing. Project Lamb’s volunteers offered their truck and time in order to deliver each and every donation to The Women’s Shelter in time for their Toy & Clothing Drive.

Shoma Goolcharan, the Women’s Shelter ETA (Empower Through Achievement) Counselor and Programming Assistant shared with me that the mission of the Women’s Shelter is to empower women from all dimensions of life in order to rediscover themselves, providing a 24 hour safe environment and opportunities to build their strengths, skills and self worth. ETA provides highly qualified counseling, emotional support, resource tools and referrals, outreach along with workshops and various programs. Shoma assured Project Lamb that the donations would be affectionately sorted, packed and given to those women and children in need.

CRISIS LINE: 1.877.382.1888 / 905.893.8887 / email:

Project Lamb & Dr. Simone in partnership aiding the poor.

Hello everyone. On your behalf, Project Lamb continues to be hard working, diligently collecting and delivering donations to the poor and unfortunate.

Together with Dr. Estrabillo we collectively delivered three vans jam-packed of donations to Dr. Simone’s Aid organization. Dr. Simone is a principled compassionate man who has surrendered to the service of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Dr. Simone has a 24 hour mission of compassionate volunteers giving hours of painstakingly time to serving the needy around the world. Dr. Simone presently ships donations to 22 destitute destinations funded solely through the generosity of others. Because the needs of the poor remain so vast and comprehensive, Dr. Simone continuously accepts donations. Project Lamb has linked forces with Dr. Simone and will continue to whole heartedly collect and forward donations to his charity on your behalf.

Also desperately needed are ‘Vitamins’, ‘Minerals’ such as salt, ‘Protein’ foods such as milk powder, meat, fish, beans, lentils, split peas and ‘Energy’ foods such as rice, flour, biscuits, candy, sugar and oil. Volunteers are always needed at the warehouse! Blessings.

You can deliver donations to the Warehouse: Mon to Fri - 7:00 am to 12:00 noon, 258 Lakeshore Rd., East, Mississauga, 416.274.9231258
OR to 93 Sonoma Blvd. in Woodbridge. Ask for Mila; 416.300.7406


Assisting Father Marco in clothing the poor.

Good day! We are always called to serve in one capacity or another. Mila & I had the privilege of enjoying a brief fun filled association with Father Marco Bagnavol from the Consolata Missionaries.

Mila & I prepared and donated on your behalf over 120 boxes of toys, shoes and clothing, blankets and books. Father Marco was absolutely thrilled to blaze the wind and snow - one of the blusteriest coldest days of the year - as we eagerly filled up his van. He was enthusiastic that the Consolata volunteers would be able to quickly sort and pack your donations for the poor and needy in Ontario as well as Kenya, Ethiopia, and Mongolia. Father Marco was certainly a delight with his robust fervor of love and appreciation for the donations that were behold’ in.

Now you might think that a small or insignificant item or piece of clothing won't aid anyone but it could be exactly what a person who has little or nothing needs. It's truly reasonable to consider donating small - because a lot of 'smalls' once combined become something really 'big' - a community heart filled donation. Your one simple action of donating immediately benefits another needy individual. You may want to ask yourself, “why am I holding on so tight to something I don't need?" You can answer that question by simply stopping what you're doing and think for a moment of the shirt, jacket or toy that's packed away or hiding out in your basement that you could donate – then get up and go get it and put it by the door for your donation – this action will lead you to discover the satisfaction of truly helping others by taking a couple of minutes to reflect and experience the pure joy of giving from the heart.

Please do remember that the poor are not always visible - it's also the person down the street who just lost their job or home or family. Or perhaps it’s an individual that’s recovering from the ruins of drug or alcohol addiction and reestablishing their lives once again. Your compassionate donations extend to so many!

Then there is the 'poor' in spirit. Reach out and love someone today even if you think they don't deserve it. It's rather easy to love someone who loves you back, but it's unconditional love if you love someone who might not reciprocate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Smile – it’s considered the most rewarding donation. It can also warm a troubled heart.

Reverently, Laura

In association with the Consolata Missionaries.
2671 Islington Ave., Rexdale, Ontario