Introducing Rev. Laura

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Here's what gets this gal up at the crack of dawn! Most of my free time when not with family and friend’s is focused on Project Lamb, a humanitarian mission that a remarkable friend and I formed to offer assurance to those in times of despair.



It’s just unyielding … this pervasive need to create. What we do with our ingenuity is one thing … then there’s usually the other - nothing. Now in the midst of this ‘nothing’ I can be found writing my own mystifying book engulfed in this very conundrum, discovering the antagonist who's harkened jubilation sounds something like ‘who are you kidding?’ So I gag this beckoning drone of doom reconciling the fact that indeed I am able to pull together some alphabets that actually form words that are notable!

Creativity, ah yes, I’ve got it; I just have to harness that toddler. So here is my formula; unbeknownst to my subconscious, I will dedicate 3 days a week for about 3 hours a day and write whatever comes to my mind, no holds bar. Starting in July, I will choose places which I consider reeking of creativity, such as an art galleries or museums, small towns, or wineries … did I say that? Then on the alternate days use my literal critical evaluative mind and massage the heck out of it. Which I suspect will be a ton of fun!

Writing draws me into a calm yet convoluted place of reason with out boundaries. It allows all aspects of me to come out to play without fear of mom chasing me with that dreaded wooden spoon. I find crevasses’ of untapped sorrow, opportunities for extraordinary delight engulfed by a sudden breath of being that literally could take my life away. Even though I find it hard to stay in that perceptible abyss I’m relentlessly drawn to it. I want to answer the call which is all ways present (now I understand the chateau) and yet I yearn for that aperture which I know exists, burdened by the harkened resistance to enter into it.

Here's the realization. Fortitude – I say not! Pick up a pen, open your notebook, hit a key or flick some ink onto paper is not heroism. Finding the way to handle daily dire straits such as starvation, rape, or homelessness is the epitome that calls upon courage. Writing harnesses the desire which inspires courageousness. It would seem to me that writing is a instrument for the soul to vicariously assist ourselves as well as others through the conundrum of life.

Writing fulfills an aspiration that is genetically predisposed just as eye colour is to the eye. The iris evident; creativity not always so. Some are just better at responsive than others - equitably understood. Regardless, the energetic motion exists in the formless manifesting at will. We’re programmed to evolve and our creativity is part of the program.

We’re inherently gifted, so let our innovativeness be for the betterment of wo/mankind, drawing soulfully in words, generating actions that are valiantly transmuted into prose. Halo!