Introducing Rev. Laura

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Here's what gets this gal up at the crack of dawn! Most of my free time when not with family and friend’s is focused on Project Lamb, a humanitarian mission that a remarkable friend and I formed to offer assurance to those in times of despair.


Assisting Father Marco in clothing the poor.

Good day! We are always called to serve in one capacity or another. Mila & I had the privilege of enjoying a brief fun filled association with Father Marco Bagnavol from the Consolata Missionaries.

Mila & I prepared and donated on your behalf over 120 boxes of toys, shoes and clothing, blankets and books. Father Marco was absolutely thrilled to blaze the wind and snow - one of the blusteriest coldest days of the year - as we eagerly filled up his van. He was enthusiastic that the Consolata volunteers would be able to quickly sort and pack your donations for the poor and needy in Ontario as well as Kenya, Ethiopia, and Mongolia. Father Marco was certainly a delight with his robust fervor of love and appreciation for the donations that were behold’ in.

Now you might think that a small or insignificant item or piece of clothing won't aid anyone but it could be exactly what a person who has little or nothing needs. It's truly reasonable to consider donating small - because a lot of 'smalls' once combined become something really 'big' - a community heart filled donation. Your one simple action of donating immediately benefits another needy individual. You may want to ask yourself, “why am I holding on so tight to something I don't need?" You can answer that question by simply stopping what you're doing and think for a moment of the shirt, jacket or toy that's packed away or hiding out in your basement that you could donate – then get up and go get it and put it by the door for your donation – this action will lead you to discover the satisfaction of truly helping others by taking a couple of minutes to reflect and experience the pure joy of giving from the heart.

Please do remember that the poor are not always visible - it's also the person down the street who just lost their job or home or family. Or perhaps it’s an individual that’s recovering from the ruins of drug or alcohol addiction and reestablishing their lives once again. Your compassionate donations extend to so many!

Then there is the 'poor' in spirit. Reach out and love someone today even if you think they don't deserve it. It's rather easy to love someone who loves you back, but it's unconditional love if you love someone who might not reciprocate. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Smile – it’s considered the most rewarding donation. It can also warm a troubled heart.

Reverently, Laura

In association with the Consolata Missionaries.
2671 Islington Ave., Rexdale, Ontario