Introducing Rev. Laura

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Here's what gets this gal up at the crack of dawn! Most of my free time when not with family and friend’s is focused on Project Lamb, a humanitarian mission that a remarkable friend and I formed to offer assurance to those in times of despair.



Prayer is a personal moment you have with your God. God meaning essentially different things to different people, religions and cultures. Some experience God as energy, others a Divine figure, intuition, and within themselves.

Praying is an attempt to connect with something tremendously powerful, and omnipresent. Prayer is the highest accelerated action known. So once you have done this, let go and let God.

Regardless of when or the way you pray, you are continuously shifting into a loving place where you will experience a profound association of Love at your core being.

I have designed an opportunity for you to share the love you have through a prayer experience with others. You are invited to place your name or a name of another, and others will pray along with you.

Awaken the knowledge within us so that we are able to differentiate what is good for us.

Let us pray for; family, friends, and the needy.