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Here's what gets this gal up at the crack of dawn! Most of my free time when not with family and friend’s is focused on Project Lamb, a humanitarian mission that a remarkable friend and I formed to offer assurance to those in times of despair.


Earthquake Victims in Chile

News report. The earthquake damaged buildings and toppled power lines in Chile. Terrified residents fled into streets, losing everything. Houses were damaged. Santiago lost electrical, water and phone services. Schools, hospitals and other buildings were evacuated. The loss if of great magnitude.

Our compassion must burst forward and assist the distraught in Chile. Clothing, shoes, blankets, and toys are needed to provide for the wounded and traumatized as they heal from this devastating shock! This is the time your hearts and closets have to open – the time is now! We have a container leaving for Chile the end of April. Your donations can be delivered to different locations. Your generosity is most humane.

Please contact either:
• Mila Grzelak – 905.300.7406 or 905.893.0073
• Laura Stangret – 905.717.1797 or 905.851.3259 ext. 243